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As part of your missions, GREEN'UP CONSULTING supports you on your study projects:

Our clients are business leaders, work supervisors, QSE, HSE, CSPS decision-makers and prescribers.

We support you in the procedures


  • Regulatory watch

  • Risk assessment in connection with the "Document Unique" (Global Risk Assessment of the company)

  • Writing of specific Operating Procedures, Prevention Plan, PPSPS

  • Comparative Risk Analysis for the choice of the safest and most effective intervention methods

  • Realization and writing of rescue and evacuation procedures

  • Technical Advices

  • Choice of PPE equipment adapted to work situations

  • Management and purchase of PPE stocks

  • Organization of work on ropes

These services make it possible to guarantee to our customers the adaptation of a Safety Management System in line with the requirements of the Legal Framework in France and internationally.


Through our expertise and experience since the early 2000s, in the field of Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height and Personal Fall Protection Systems, we can support your engineers, geologists and operators in carrying out their visits and inspections. whether in a natural, industrial or urban environment. Green'Up technicians are) even to supervise your operators not trained in working at height and wearing PPE (training, support, supervision, writing of operating procedures, ...)

We also work with the film industry to ensure the safety of technicians and / or actors as on the set of The Incredible story of the Postman Cheval by Nils Tavernier in Hauterives where we ensured the safety of actor Jacques Gamblin.

GREEN'UP is part of a systemic approach to controlling risks related to height and the specific issues of each site, where all those involved in the safety of work at height are links in the same chain (prevention officers, organizers of works, operators, trainers, auditors, supervisors, ...).

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