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Information and exclusion

Green Up implements all the means at its disposal to ensure reliable information and a reliable update of its website. However, errors or omissions may occur. The Internet user must therefore ensure the accuracy of the information with Green Up, and report any changes to the site that he deems useful. Green Up is in no way responsible for the use made of this information, and for any direct or indirect damage that may result from it.

Hypertext links

Green Up's website may provide links to other websites or other resources available on the Internet.
Green Up has no means of controlling the sites in connection with its website. Green Up does not answer for the availability of such sites and external sources, nor does it guarantee it. It cannot be held responsible for any damage of any nature whatsoever resulting from the content of these sites or external sources, and in particular from the information, products or services they offer, or from any use that may be made of these elements. The risks associated with this use are the sole responsibility of the Internet user, who must comply with their conditions of use.
Users, subscribers and visitors to Green Up websites may not set up a hyperlink to this site without the express prior authorization of Green Up.
In the event that a user or visitor wishes to set up a hyperlink to the Green Up website, it will be up to him to send an e-mail accessible on the site in order to formulate his request for setting up a hyperlink. Green Up reserves the right to accept or refuse a hyperlink without having to justify its decision.


In addition, referring to a website to complete the information sought does not in any way mean that Green Up recognizes or accepts any responsibility for the content or use of said site.

Precautions for use

It is therefore your responsibility to take the necessary precautions to ensure that what you choose to use is not tainted with errors or even elements of a destructive nature such as viruses, trojans, etc.


No other guarantee is given to the customer, who has the obligation to clearly formulate his needs and the duty to inform himself. If the information provided by Green Up appears to be inaccurate, it will be up to the customer to carry out any checks on the consistency or plausibility of the results obtained. Green Up will not be responsible in any way towards third parties for the use by the customer of the information or the absence thereof contained in its products, including its website.

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