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Hard-to-access jobs are varied and require many skills
specific. Thanks to its qualified staff and planned working methods,
organized and proven, GREEN'UP can meet your expectations in different


  • Urban

  • Industrial environment

  • TP / BTP

  • Special interventions


Our teams work on so-called traditional work
(covering / roofing, industry, public works, public works and public works) only on exceptional sites
(events, green wall, stunt management, theater / cinema support,

GREEN'UP systematically uses trained and competent staff with
appropriate levels of supervision.

Each profession has its own competence and certification

Our technicians all hold certification related to work at height:
CQP1, 2 and 3 or / and IRATA 1, 2 and 3. On each site, a works supervisor
is designated level CQP2 / 3 or / and IRATA 3.

To these certifications are added skills specific to the operations to be
carry out: nacelle authorizations, welding, masonry, electricity, ...

GREEN'UP aims to offer technicians at skill levels
required for the tasks to be performed.

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